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C + E Licence / HGV 1 Licence

To complete your HGV C+E (Class 1) licence you must first already hold you HGV C licence.

  • Then all that is required is your Driving Course with your Driving Test on the last day.

At Billy Thomas HGV driver training we use a “Wagon and Drag” combination.  This is an affordable way to gain your C+E licence and even easier if you have not long passed your C licence (its just like putting a trailer on your car).

We have our own reverse training pad which enables a student to spend as much time as required to perfect the art of trailer reversing before taking the test.

Our lorries have been specially designed for driver training making your learning easier and even safer on the roads.

Please call 01902 744726 for course prices.

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Dear Billy & Jackie, the warm welcome given by both of you as an introduction to the course, also your commitment and 100% passion to my success as a driver, goes far and above any other, making you an exceptional trainer company

Terence & Charlotte