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CPC Courses

There are 2 types of CPC which enable you to drive a lorry for hire & reward.


Anyone who passed their car driving test after January 1997 will require the INITIAL CPC.

Anyone who passed their car driving test prior to January 1997 will hold the traditional “Grandfather Rights” and will already have their C1 (7.5T licence). They require the PERIODIC CPC.

This consists of 2 tests; one theory (module 2) & one practical (module 4). We can arrange both of these tests for you and also provide training and vehicle hire. Once you have passed the 2 tests successfully the DVSA will send you a CPC card.

This course is classroom based and marked simply on attendance. A day’s course is 7 hours and at the end of each day an upload is completed with the DVSA. Once you have completed 35 hours (5 days) the DVSA will send you a CPC card.

ADR (for dangerous goods):
We offer a FULL ADR COURSE which is run over 5 consecutive days, with exams on the final day. This can also be counted towards 28 hours of PERIODIC CPC.
The course covers Core Module, Packages Module, Tanker Module & 7 Classes of Goods. Explosive & Radioactive Modules are not included.

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Here are some videos to help explain:

Official DVSA LGV/PCV Case Studies Test – Are you ready?

Official DVSA LGV practical demonstration test – Are you ready?

Driver CPC: Periodic Training

test cage

cpc classroom

Driver Training

Driver CPC

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Dear Billy & Jackie, the warm welcome given by both of you as an introduction to the course, also your commitment and 100% passion to my success as a driver, goes far and above any other, making you an exceptional trainer company

Terence & Charlotte